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IDEX Staking

Earn 50% of IDEX Trade Fees

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Replicators distribute API data to help decentralize the infrastructure and can stake from cold storage without any risk of slashing.

IDEX Staking Replicator Tier - Ethereum Staking Replicator

Validator (Coming Soon)

Validators enforce the validity of the layer-2 ledger, auditing transactions for correctness and securing the underlying deposits.

IDEX Staking Validator Tier - Ethereum Staking Validator

Staking Tier Comparison

Minimum IDEX Balance
Deposit Location
Earn IDEX Trade Fees
Earn Fraud Bounties
Staking Node
Wallet or IDEX
Staking Node
Staking Contract

Staking IDEX benefits everyone

IDEX Tier 2 Staking - Ethereum Replicator

Stakers get rewarded for contributing to core components of the exchange.

Traders and market makers can use IDEX safely knowing the exchange is secured by open-source nodes.

As more traders and market makers enter the exchange they add liquidity to IDEX’s markets, increasing volume and staking rewards.